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I started the Ultra 90's version of Eye serum and Facial cream 2 weeks ago. Thank you for such a great cost efficient product! I love this product and just ordered 6 bottles of each for valentine's gifts for friends and family! Being a full time mom, wife, student and employee I absolutely have no time for injections or a dermatologist (or money) for the stress shown on my face of wrinkles and pimples. With washing my face 2x's daily and using the facial cream 2x's daily I found that my skin looks brighter.... I glow one person told me! The eye serum has made the bags disappear and making them look and feel so much softer and younger. I am famous for using the newest and greatest product out there, I lost so much weight from Ultra 90 so I thought I would try there new product and see if I could lose the wrinkles too! I DID.... Not only has the facial cream helped my wrinkle situation but also my acne. I am a firm believer that women go through puberty 3 times in there life and the pimples showing up at my age is just not right! Your company really focuses on the well being of people and it's nice to know that you generate products that really work! Thank you Ultra 90!!!!! 

A. Wilson 
Schaumberg, IL
Dear Marilyn: 

I'm using the facial cream and love it! It leaves my face smoother and softer, wrinkles are not as noticeable! When I put on my make up it leaves my skin smoother, and is easier to put it on. It is better than Oil of Olay! As for the eye serum, it helped with the dark circles under my eyes to disappear and to tone and firm the skin under them as well. Now, just the other day, I've been having some of my friends telling me there is a difference in my face!!! Thank You for such a Wonderful Product! 

Thank you for such a great product! 
Beverly Leannah, 
Mason, WI.

I have been using the Ultra 90 eye serum and facial cream for about a month now. I love it. The face cream has really cleared my skin up. My skin feels smoother and rehydrated. I skipped two days to see if I noticied a difference and I really did. My face felt very dry without it. 

The eye serum seems to help get rid of those dark circles. It also helps reduce those awful crows feet. 

Thank you so much for making such great products. 

Rhonda A. 
(Somonauk, IL)

It's only been a few days of using the new face and eye cream that you have sent and I love it. It is awesome. I can already tell a difference and I have used the so called best creams and most expensive out there, Strivectin, Lancome, Arbonne, Estee Lauder. This makes my skin feel great and look better. I just turned 50 although I want to still look no older than 40, if you know what I mean. Thank you for sending this and I can't wait to see how much better I am going to look in a month from now. 

Thanks, Amanda

I wanted to let you know that I started to use the Facial Cream and Eye Serum a few days ago. I know it only has been a couple of days but I feel like my face feels softer and it has already made a difference! I was using Estee Lauder face cream but that is so expensive, so I switched to the facial cream made by Ultra 90, this works a lot better for me, plus it is less expensive. I have seen the difference already in a week and with Estee Lauder after a month - I finally noticed a little difference. I am completely sold on this. I have tried a lot of different products, because when you get to be my age you will try anything to look younger, and by far this works the best in the shortest amount of time. I do want to thank you for creating such a great product, I am very excited about the new product and plan to tell everybody about it! 

Erica Marino, 
Jacksonville, FL.
Good morning, 

I must say that this past month was an eye opener! I am 48 and thought that red ugly skin with blemishes popping up all the time was a thing of the past! Was I wrong, I was diagnosed with roseciea and that is an awful thing when you are in public everyday with your job. I was having problems hiding the reddness and the blemishes popped up everyday... When I received the facial cream and eye cream I really was just looking to help stop the wrinkles and fine lines... I NEVER DREAMED IT would help so wonderfully with the roseceia. The first day after I used the face cream in the morning before my makeup, I realized half way thru my day I hadn't had to apply more makeup to hide the reddness... WITHIN ONLY 1 week I noticed my skin was getting better!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH... I use it faithfully everyday... yes there is still some redness blemishes, BUT nothing like before... I can go days without a breakout and my makeup covers better, the redness has gotten lighter! Everyone should try this great product... I am so happy with it! 
Elita Clark from Sunny Florida
Hey Marilyn, 

Just wanted to take a minute & tell you how Ultra 90 had changed my life. In the last 2 years I have lost 50 pounds thanks to Ultra 90. I can't believe how much the collagen has helped me build muscle. The last 2 months I have been training for the Gate River Run & I have seen even a bigger difference in my body that I never saw before I used Ultra 90. Not to mention, the new facial cream has done wonders for my skin. I've always had problems with oily skin & that's all changed now. My face feels clear & clean. Using the new facial cream has been a huge self-confidence builder. 

Thanks Ultra90 
Michele Chase 
Mid Days: 10A-3P 
Gator Country 99.9 
Jacksonville, FL.