Frequently Asked Question

Will Ultra 90 interfere with any type of Drug Screening?
The answer is NO!  There is not an ingredient in the Ultra 90 that will cause you to have a positive test with drug screening! 

What are the active Ingredients in Ultra 90
The main ingredients are marine collagen protein, Vitamin C, and Tonalin CLA. 

Does Ultra 90
t contain any other ingredients?
Yes, it also contains the inactive ingredients aloe vera, safflower oil, lecithin and bees wax. 

Is Ultra 90
Yes, Ultra 90 does not contain any type of herb, stimulants, caffeine or other types of drugs. 

How is Ultra 90
 different from other fat burners and weight loss products?
Most weight loss products on the market contain some kind of ephedrine, caffeine, or amphetamine, which “trick” you into loosing weight.  These products give many people “the jitters”, which makes it difficult for you to function normally, or even the possibility of side effects.  These products do not help your body with overall wellness.  With our Ultra 90 , we offer overall wellness, people will use our Ultra 90 for various reasons! 

What if I have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.?

The answer is always the same!  Ultra 90 is purely a protein and vitamin supplement.  If you have any concerns, we recommend that you consult your physician. 

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Ultra 90
If you are Pregnant and lactating you should NOT use Ultra 90  or any other type of dietary supplement, nor should prepubescent children. 

How and when do I take Ultra 90?
For our PM Formula: Stop eating and drinking, except water, 3 hours prior bedtime.   Take 3 gel capsules on an empty stomach and go straight to sleep.  For our AM Formula: Take 3 gel capsules as soon as you wake up, wait one hour before eating or drinking anything else – other than water. 

What are the contents of each bottle of Ultra 90?
Each bottle will last one person 30 days, when taken once daily. 

What other helpful advice can you give me to help enhance my weight loss?

A – What’s most important is to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water.  We must keep our bodies well hydrated for it to function properly. B – Stay away from Aspartame!!  This is found in most of your diet sodas, and some diet foods as well.  This is totally opposite of what you may think, your body does not break down the ingredients, which are used to make it, thus slowing down your metabolism, and may even hinder you in a weight loss.  

Which Program do I want… The PM or the AM Formula?
This depends on what your schedule is like.  We offer both of our programs for you to choose from, for what’s best for you.  With todays hectic lifestyles, you’re going to come across nights that there just isn’t time for fasting.  Then use the Ultra 90 AM!  You don’t have to be committed to only use the PM or the AM, most people will get some of each, then just use what ever works out better for you that day! 

I work swing shift – when do I take Ultra 90?
Whenever you have an “empty” stomach.