Tab Allen has lost over 113lbs. in just 1 yr.! Just look at his before and after photos below! Not only that, but Tab also underwent serious back surgeries, and had zero exercise, he still kept loosing weight, while flat on his back! Tab also reports lower cholesterol and no more high blood pressure problems! Congratulations to Tab! 

Tab Allen 
Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Marylin, 

I started on Ultra 90 the first week of May at 290 lbs wearing a 42 in the waist. I took Ultra 90 a.m. formula for May and June. July was spent taking both the a.m. and p.m. formulas. I did this and completely changed my eating habits simultaneously. To all the naysayers who say Ultra 90 doesn't work let me say this. Nothing works without making a lifestyle change. I have only drank water since may and that combined with the product and improved eating habits have resulted in 93 lbs lost. Today I weigh 197 lbs and am in a size 32. I could not have done it without the benefits of Ultra 90. Everyone asks me what my secret is and I am happy to give God the glory as well as the benefits of 90 days of Ultra 90. I haven't taken any since August 5 and have actually dropped a little more. I am now at 11% body fat. THANKS Ultra 90.

I started my weight loss journey June 20th 2008. There were three things that happened to get me there. First one of my children told me that I was a fat pig. He was mad at me about something. You know how kids can be I'm sure. Second I work at my daughter's school, (in the lunchroom) and a little girl that was beside my dauhgter in line ask her why her mama was so fat? Then last but not least I went to the chiropractor for my back pain and he was very honest. He told me that the only thing wrong with my back was that I was over weight. I started that day. I got it in my head that I was going to make it a life style change. A LIFE TIME CHANGE!!!!!!!! I want to get to my goal of 120 and show my kids that if you want something bad enough, all you have to do is work hard and you will succed. I want to be a healthy role model for them. Before the ultra 90 I lost 25 pounds. I drink lots and lots of water and I exercise on a daily basis. It is well worth it. For me having the ultra 90 was a bonus. Thanks to my mama, (she bought it for me), you and Moby. Ya'll advertised.I have lost 10 more pounds. A total of 35 pounds and lots and lots of inches. I even have my mama taking it too. I started out at 216 pounds and now I weigh 181. I am determined to be a success. I feel like that I have a new lease on life. I use to wear a size 18/20 and now I can wear a size 14. My husband tells me all the time how proud of me he is. I think that if a lunch lady can lose the weight that any one can. Ultra 90 has helped me change my life. I tell everyone I know about it. It really really works. Thanks for helping me get my rear in gear. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ULTRA 90 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you Marilyn for everything, 
Denese Culberson

Dear Marilyn: 

This medication to me is a miracle drug!!  I have had many abdominal surgeries for different health problems and each time, it has created more adhesions.  In 2003, I had surgery to lysis adhesions.  When I went for my follow-up, the Doctor advised me to take Celebrex for the inflammation in my abdomen.  I didn’t follow his advice because I don’t like taking medication and not knowing what the long term effect could be.  I stayed in chronic pain for about six years!  Three days into taking Ultra 90, for the first time, my pain is completely gone!  It is wonderful waking up every morning now and not feeling like I have been run over by an eighteen-wheeler!  I have more energy.  I have had bad knees since I was thirteen, but now for the first time, I’m free from pain in my knees!  Ultra 90 definitely is a miracle drug.  While I know Ultra 90 was developed to help people lose weight, I hope more people who have chronic pain will try Ultra 90! 

Darlene Johnson 




Hi Marilyn: 

Just wanted to let you know how Ultra 90 has brought my husband and I closer after 9 years. Since we got married 12 years ago, stress and eating out has helped put on extra weight. It got increasingly out of hand; so much so that my husband started snoring at night. The snoring got so bad and so loud that I had to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. He also would stop breathing for about 30 seconds and I had to nudge him to get him to take a breath. Needless to say, I was afraid of leaving him for the couch, but I couldn't stand sleeping with him either. 

I was getting mad at him for something he couldn't control. I didn't get much sleep at night so I'd take catnaps during the day. We both were a good 50-75 lbs. overweight. Then I heard about Ultra 90 on the radio. I originally took it for my knees that would pop constantly and hurt when I would walk up stairs. Well, within a week of taking Ultra 90, my knees stopped hurting and popping, and I started losing weight. So I asked my husband to try it. The VERY FIRST DAY on Ultra 90 he stopped snoring. I couldn't believe it!!! 

We tried everything over the counter to get him to stop, but nothing worked. He no longer stops breathing also. Now, if that isn't a miracle in itself, he also lost 3 pants sizes and went from a 2XL shirt to a large in 4 months!! He wasn't even trying to lose weight! I have lost 45 lbs. so far and feel great. I am trying to Acai Berry now, incorporating that into my daily routine. 

I will never stop using Ultra 90. It quite literally has saved our marriage and possibly my husband's life! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful product. 

JoAnn Browning 

Dear Marilyn: 

Just to let you know I started taking ultra 90 on July 18, 2008 and as of today I have lost 13 lbs and several inches. My shirt tail actually stays inside my pants now and I can see my belt buckle. I started at 240 lbs and this morning I weighed 227lbs. 

I now have 4 friends taking ultra 90 and they to are loving the way they feel. Thanks for a great product that actually works and shows results. 

Larry Bessinger 
Elberton, GA

Hi Marilyn 

I had to email this. I have tried products before that have made me feel terrible and actually gain instead of lose weight. WOW! I have been trying ultra 90 less than 2 weeks and what a difference!! I feel better, have lost a few pounds, have more energy, etc.. I had also been diagnosed with IBS and ALL those symptoms are GONE!! Unbelievable. I decided to give ultra 90 a try after hearing the ads on a local radio program, and I am so terribly glad I did. Any one of the benefits I have experienced would make me want to continue taking ultra 90, but the multiple benefits I have experienced have made me want to share my results with you. It feels like ultra 90 has saved my life. I did not have much weight I wanted to lose, but I did want to lose a little and to feel better, especially with summer here. 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, 

Mary Waters 
Winterville, NC

Dear Marilyn: 

In December, 1998 , at age 47, I was diagnosed with an ovarian type of uterine cancer. At that time i weighed 135. Following a radical hysterectomy and 7 weeks of High Dose radiation, I started to gain weight. I was told that because of the radiation, my whole system was compromised. Even though I had no real appetite, I was eating a healthy diet on small plates.My weight kept going up little by little and I was told not to worry about it, but I was upset when the scale at the Doctor's said I weighed 190 lbs. I had never weighed that much in my life. 

I take a lot of medications, and was told that was the reason I had gained weight, and my metabolism had been compromised. I didn't want to take diet pills. I tried nutrasystem, but only lost 12 lbs. It was very frustrating. 

Twelve months ago I heard the commercial for Ultra 90 on WRNS 95.1. I heard it quite a few times before I researched it and found that there was nothing in it that would hurt me or interfere with my meds. 

I have been using Ultra 90 AM and PM for almost a year and have lost 45lbs. I now weigh 145 lbs. and am wearing a size 12. I would like to lose 10 more lbs. but am at a plateau right now, but I know it will happen. I have also found that Ultra 90 helps with my back and joint pain. My back is degenerating quicker than normal because of the radiation, and I am extremely happy that Ultra 90 helps. I am now 57 and cancer free. With the help of Ultra 90, I have lost most of what I gained in weight. I will continue to use Ultra 90 even after I reach my goal weight, so that I can maintain it , and because of my joints and back. 

Paula Hemenway 
Havelock, NC 28532

Dear Marilyn: 

I started taking ultra 90 am last year in August. My goal was to lose weight and drop at least a dress or pant size. I am 55 years old and have been trying unsuccessfully to do just that for years.But because of my age ,slowing metabolism,and thyroid disease it seemed darn near impossible.I could almost starve myself or exercise to exhaustion and still nothing. Because of my thyroid condition I had to be very careful of what I tried to lose the weight. My husband and I were going on a trip to the Virgin Islands in February of 2008 and I did not want to be the fat old lady on the beach. Well it worked!! I dropped from a size twelve to a six or eight! Plus I felt like a million bucks! My hair,nails,and skin all got much better too. But that is not what I wanted to tell you about really. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 30 and have taken every type of homeopathic and prescription medication out there and still had to take up to eight hundred milligrams of ibuprofen a day to keep the pain and stiffness and swelling at bay. About two months after being on your product I realized I was relying on less and less ibuprofen..After about six months I wasn't taking any at all! And guess what? When we went to the Virgin Islands I climbed a volcano!! Not walked up,but climbed! But then about a month ago I did a really stupid thing.I stopped taking it and the pain and stiffness is returning.Today I ordered another three month supply and will continue to take it as long as you continue to make it! It is a blessing in a little bottle and I get to stay skinny to boot! I can't tell enough people about your product and have made new customers for you that agree with me.It is the best! 

Thanks A Million! 

Judy Radtke 
Green Bay,WI

Tab Allen has lost over 113lbs. in just 1 yr.! Just look at his before and after photos below! Not only that, but Tab also underwent serious back surgeries, and had zero exercise, he still kept loosing weight, while flat on his back! Tab also reports lower cholesterol and no more high blood pressure problems! Congratulations to Tab! 

Tab Allen 
Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Marilyn: 

Just to let you know I started taking ultra 90 on July 18, 2008 and as of today I have lost 13 lbs and several inches.
My shirt tail actually stays inside my pants now and I can see my belt buckle. I started at 240 lbs and this morning I weighed 227lbs.

I now have 4 friends taking ultra 90 and they to are loving the way they feel. 
Thanks for a great product that actually works and shows results. 

Larry Bessinger 
Elberton, GA

Dear Marliyn, 

To start with, I am only 4'10'' so every pound is accountable for and very visible on my body. In the spring of 2005, I shattered my right femur. Recovery was ruff! I didn't really gain allot of weight per say. However with loss of muscle and activity, I was out of shape and I had a great deal of scare tissue damage. In fact I had a pocket of tissue that bulged out and was very visible through clothing and through therapy and painful aspirations nothing could seem to get rid of it. Not to mention that my limits of work out where cut to nothing. I am able to use a Gazelle but that is about the limits of my work out. Then I heard about Ultra 90. I heard about the product for sometime before I tried it from a local radio show in Toledo Ohio. Once I started it I was right away impressed with having NO side effects. a pus for sure. The gain of energy was a plus and I swear the pain that I had in my joints in the right femur had been diminished. I of course lost weight but most importantly the scare tissue area that the medical experts couldn't get to go away through aspiration and therapy was and is going away. It is now barely even visible. I own my confidence to Ultra 90 because I will be in shorts this summer. Thank you. 

Lisa O 
Toledo, OH

Dear Marliyn, 

I am writing to tell you of my experience with Ultra 90. I have arthritis in my hands with swelling joints. I also have achy muscles all over. I did not want to take any arthritis drugs because of the side effects. I heard of Ultra 90 on the radio and the other benefits of Ultra 90 other than weight loss.....joint relief. I called right away, I am so glad I did. What a miracle! When the Ultra 90 came in the mail I took it the very next day, by the end if that day I felt a big difference. By the end of that week my swelling was gone and I had NO pain. It is GREAT. If you are in doubt call Ultra 90 and give it a chance. It really works, my friends use Ultra 90 and the only thing I have lost is a few ponds and allot of daily pain. Thank you so much. 

Mishawaka, IN

Dear Marliyn, 

I am the WAPE Sales Assistant here at the station. I heard about Ultra 90 from Elita and wanted to try it because I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year ago and have steadily been going down hill with pain, stiffness and exhaustion. All the doctors offered me were anti-depressants which I did not want to take. I started to take Ultra 90 about the same time your advertising campaign started on WAPE. Since the first day I have seen a vast improvement in my pain levels, energy levels and general feeling of more energy and well being. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for this miracle product. I call it that because I have never felt worse in my life BEFORE I started on Ultra 90. Elita even put me on some of the commercials but I have never mentioned Fybromyalgia to anyone but Elita. I went to her this morning to borrow a few until my new order arrives. I take the am formula. Before when I got home at the end of the day of work all I wanted to do was sit on the couch. Now I go home and make dinner for my family. I have put us all on a low fat healthy diet with no junk food. My salvation was Ultra 90. I hope that it is available for the rest of my life because I can't imagine life without it now. Thank you so much for helping me. 

Wendy Jackson 
Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to tell you my short experience with ultra 90. I know one of the claims for ultra 90 is not to help acid reflux BUT I have been using ultra 90 going on 2 weeks and I have not had anymore problems with acid reflux. Before ultra 90 I hade visited several doctor's to get an explanation of my symptoms which included, throat pain, hoarseness, ear pain, and sinus pressure. The doctor's told me that it was acid reflux. So I began treatment of prescribed medication, and then over the counter b/c prescriptions is so high. Finally, I just gave up, nothing was working. I decided to purchase ultra 90 b/c I have about 10 pounds to loose and I wanted to feel good. Little did I know the first morning I took ultra 90 my throat symptoms went away? Just like that!! I thought to myself this is just a good day and it will be back tomorrow. It's been 2 weeks and I have no more symptoms. No stomach pain, no throat pain, no sinus pressure, and very little hoarseness'. 

If I don't loose 1 pound I have found something that helps me more than you will know. Thank you for advertising for ultra 90!! YEEEAAAHH BABY!! 

Kim Bingham 
Maysville, GA

Marilyn, Hi! I just wanted to say that ultra 90 works for me. I am a 51 year old woman, going through menopause. Who woke up realizing that I had to get this weight off. We are( almost) empty nesters. (my youngest is 19). It's time for my husband and myself to go and enjoy ourselves and I couldn't being so large. I am 4' 11". I weighed 219 lbs. I was a size 22 going into a 24. I listen to KKNG country in OKC. I've heard the commercials for ultra 90. It just sounded right for me. I told my husband about it and we looked it up together and decided it was the way to go. Well, 3 months later I'm on my way losing a total of 39 lbs. I now weigh 180 lbs. and wearing a size 16w. I feel so much better, but I know I still have a long way to go. I just ordered 6 more bottles, to help me get there. People are noticing that I am losing weight. And when they do I brag about this wonderful product. One of my closest friends wanted me to be the guinea pig and try this product and when she saw I was losing weight she ordered ultra 90 too! My friend now has lost 23 lbs herself. What I love about ultra 90 is after taking the nighttime capsules, I don't even realize it is working. I can go a week or two and think I didn't lose anything this week and I get on the scales and I have dropped 2 lbs. My hunger pains are gone and I feel full most of the time. I am trying to eat healthier at my meals. But I can also have an occasional desert and not feel guilty anymore. Marilyn, Not only am I losing weight, everyone notices how good my skin looks too. I just feel like a whole new person. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from an x yo-yo dieter. 

Cindy Clary 
Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Marylin 

I have been using Ultra 90 PM formula off and on (mostly on), for over a year (in the morning). I have been an avid body-pump, step aerobics participant most of my adult life, but my workload and a recent hysterectomy has not allowed me the time I need in the gym. I had extra pounds to shed but I know the harm caffeine, ephedrine, stimulants, etc, can have on a person. Since using your wonderful product, I have lost 33 pounds, went from a size 14 to a size 8, my muscle tone is improved (without much needed exercise), the aloe vera helps "irregularity", and it is all with NATURAL, non-harmful ingredients. Since I have lost weight, my genetically high cholesterol issue is resolved….my total reading is 164, and my HDL/LDL levels are perfect. In addition, when my 28-year old daughter and I go anywhere, people think we are sisters even though I'm 20 years older! I tell everyone about your product! 

Thank you so much! 

Shawn F. Crenshaw 
Waverly Hall, GA


I am a 37 year old mother of two. I have struggled with my weight all my life!!! I started "dieting" when I was about 14 years old! I have always tried to maintain a healthy figure, but have had to work extremely hard to do so! When I turned 30 seven years ago, my whole body changed!!! All of a sudden, nothing that I did seemed to work anymore! I gained about 70 pounds and was miserable! I decided about 2 years ago that I had to do SOMETHING!!! I started "dieting" and exercising and was able to loose about 30 pounds. Since then, I have still be carrying the last 40 and have not been able to get rid of them no matter what I did!!! I heard about Ultra 90 from Moby on 92.5. I decided to try it. Honestly..... I figured it would be like everything else that I have tried. BUT to my surprise..... it is working!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! The first 30 days all I noticed was a complete change in my skin. My skin feels firmer and softer than it ever has!!! The second 30 days I started noticing that my jeans are getting loose! I have had to take my belt in 2 more holes!!! I can see my cheek bones and my collar bones for the first time in 7 years!!! My arms and legs are starting to feel firmer and I am starting to see my waist again!!! During my third bottle I began to see drastic changes in everything!!! I am getting thinner and thinner, my hair is growing like never before, my fingernails are beautiful.... I could go on and on!!! I am about 1/3 of the way thru my fourth bottle and I am so excited to see what is going to happen as time goes on!!! I finally got brave enough to get on the scales and I was THRILLED!!! I have lost 26 pounds!!! I still have a little more to go, but loosing it slowly is the SMART WAY!!! I know that once I get where I want to be, I will be able to MAINTAIN a HEALTHY weight!!! This is the easiest thing that I have ever done!!! And it is the BEST thing that I have ever done for myself!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have started my best friend, my step mom and my sister-in-law on the Ultra 90! I will let you know how they are doing too!!! I will keep in touch and send you before and after pics once I get where I want to be!!! Thanks a MILLION!!! 

Elaine M. Boyt 
Thomaston, GA


I just ordered another 90 day supply of Ultra 90. I have been on Ultra 90 for the past 74 days and have lost 22 pounds, doing no exercise what so ever. I am very pleased with your product, in fact my wife takes Ultra 90 also, she saw how it worked on me so she takes half of my supplies. Thank you for this great product. 


Alan Walker, 
Cordova, IL


I just wanted you to know that I took the Ultra 90 for 3 months and I was on a training program with the local YMCA and in 5 months I lost 30lbs and 8 inches. I plan to continue my weight loss program until I reach my goal of 165lbs. I am currently at 195lbs. Only 30lbs to go. Thanks for your program and I hear your ads al the time on the local radio here in Colorado Springs, Co. Y96.9. Thanks, 

Wonda Barker 
Colorado Springs, CO

I have taken Ultra 90 AM since June 13 and have presently lost 60 pounds. I have only used the AM formula but have considered taking the PM formula also. I went from a size 18 to a size 10. I noticed results right away. Even when I hadn't lost pounds, I felt firmer. I have recommended Ultra 90 to my mother and mother-in-law and now they both take it. 

Julie Russell, 
Erie, IL

Thank you, thank you for talking me into trying ultra 90 (and for checking in on my weight loss adventure!). I started in Feb and am now down 23 pounds and 5 inches and I've even started working out on my own for the first time since high school! God bless y'all for helping me get myself on track for a healthier lifestyle. 

Your listener, 
K Wallace, 

Hey C.J.! 

I promised to give you an update on my ultra 90 progress, so here it is! I'm down a total of 17 lbs and 4 inches so far and feeling great! Thank you for turning me on to this product and for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. I'll give you another update if I lose more. The wolf rocks! 


Just would like to let you know I love the ultra 90, I have just finished my fourth bottle and I have lost 30-35 lbs. I don't feel jittery or juiced up actually most days I feel really good and in a good mood. This is the best weight loss pill, you take them and you don't have any side effects as in other weight loss pills it's like you never took any thing except you loose weight. I have a lot of weight to loose so I just ordered a 90 day supply. Since I started taking these I drink so much water, I do have a coke now then, It's a big change for me, before I started ultra 90 I drank coke , sweet tea, hardly no water at all, now it's right the opposite I drink coke and tea hardly ever, even with my meals now I drink water. Just wanted to let you know I love your product and it works for me. Thanks 


Dear Marilyn, 

I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for such a wonderful product. ULTRA 90 has been a great success for me. It all started about 6 months ago. I listen to the Mobey in the Morning Show every morning on my way to work. For 2 months, I listened to Mobey speak of how his wife (Mary Beth) had lost weight while using your product (Ultra 90) and how wonderful she looked. I started late having children. I am 38 years old and have 2 children, ages 4 and 1. I was in the market for weight loss due to having my second child in June of 2005. I had gained a total of 47 pounds during my second pregnancy and only lost 30 pounds. I still had at least 17 pounds I needed to loose and I couldn't seem loose it. I tried other weight lose programs and nothing worked for me or made me feel good. 

Listening to Mobey inspired me to try Ultra 90. I figured I had nothing to loose and everything to gain. I chose the AM Formula due to the fact I don't get home from work until 6 pm, therefore, dinner is served close to 7 pm, then it's bed time at 9 pm. Therefore, the night time formula was not an option for me. I honestly thought I would never be back to my pre-pregnancy weight (125) again. I had almost given up hope when I decided to take the plunge and purchase a 4 month supply of Ultra 90 AM Formula in February 2006. The results have been REMARKABLE. 

I lost 10 pounds the first month on the program and after 3 months on the program, I lost a total of 17 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 6. Today (July 2, 2006), I am in the last 2 weeks of my program and I have lost 1 more pound (total of 18 pounds lost now). I forgot to measure myself (or take pictures) when I started the program so I am not exactly sure how many inches I have lost. But I will say this, I have probably lost more inches than pounds, but that is OK because the elasticity in my skin has bounced back tremendously. All I do is take the pills in the morning, eat sensibly all day, drink about 70 ounces of water a day, and walk 3 miles a day at least 4 to 5 times a week. 

My husband tells me everyday I look wonderful and I must say, I feel wonderful. Your product has been such a huge inspiration for me that I want to continue the program. Not only to loose a few more pounds, but also to maintain the healthy skin tone and elasticity I have regained. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone looking for a GOOD change in their life. 

Thank you again for such a wonderful product and great results. I feel like a young sexy mom again. 

Darla Sanders, 
Buckhannon, WV

Good Morning Moby! My name is Melissa Hudlow and I am from Habersham County. First I have to say I love your show- YEAH BABY! I have a question. Does Ultra 90 REALLY work? I have heard you all talk about it so much and I am considering getting it. I've heard you talk about Mary Beth and her results and I would like to lose about 30 to 40 pounds. I am a member of a lady's gym but I just need that extra BOOST! Does Mary Beth take the vitamins too, or just Ultra 90? Does she take it at night, morning, or both? Weight loss is the hardest thing to do and this product sounds really great. Your response will be greatly appreciated!! I just have to say God bless you for standing up for what you believe in!! I teach Kindergarten in Habersham and I just see so much changing throughout the years. I remember praying in school before lunch and my teacher reading devotionals everyday, I think we should keep God and religion in school!! Without Him, we are and have nothing!! You are such an inspiration!! THANKS so much!! 

Melissa Hudlow, GA

Melissa, I just found your email. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. Please give Ultra 90 a try. It really does work, just stick to the program. I use the PM formula. I first noticed that my urge to snack disappeared. Then my clothes got smaller, then I noticed a change on the scale. Make sure you drink your water, and eat a healthy diet. That's it! You already work out so you're ahead of the game!! I know Ultra 90 will be as successful for you as it has been for me. 

Mary Beth 
a.k.a. Mrs. Moby 


I have been taking Ultra 90 for three months, and in the beginning I was skeptical of what the possible outcome could be. I'm not anymore, I've lost 18 lbs. and ten inches overall with still more to go. I feel healthier than I have in three years. With continued success I hope to meet my weight loss goal with the help of your wonderful product. Thank you Ultra 90. 

Rachael Voss, 
Clinton, IA

My name is Rebecca Watts. The reason I am emailing you is, I have been on depression meds for 8yrs when I ordered the Ultra90 and I remembered on the commercials I have heard, the product gives you a ALL ROUND WELL BEING, it is so true!!!!!!!!! When I started the Ultra90 I stopped taking my depression meds, and Ultra90 works!!!!!!!! I do not need any of my meds anymore!!!!!!! Ultra90 is an ALL ROUND WELL BEING!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I have not felt this great in 8yrs!!!! I do not ever care if I lose any fat, I feel so wonderful!!!!!!! THANK YOU! 

Rebecca Sue Watts, 
Pawleys Island, SC.




I started using Ultra 90 seven months ago. I have lost 30 pounds and have gone from a size 12 to a size 4. I really feel great about myself and my self esteem is a lot better. I am very pleased with the way Ultra 90 has helped me lose the pounds and inches, and it is very easy. I also watch what I eat and do some exercise and drink plenty of water. I have more energy than I have for awhile. I have told a lot of people about Ultra 90 here at work and they seem amazed that I lost that much weight with a pill. 

Thanks again 

Sue Wilson, 
Murrells Inlet, SC

Dear Marilyn: 

I am 54 years old and currently going thru menopause, and you know what that can do to a womens' body! I am only 5'4" so most of what I needed to lose was around my stomach area. I started Ultra 90 three months ago and have now lost 12 pounds. I started at 132 lbs, but with my height and age, I really felt I needed to lose a couple of pounds. My ideal would be about 3 more lbs, so I decided to stay on Ulta 90 to also try and maintain the weight I reached. I really believe I lost inches first as my clothes began to get big on me....what a wonderful feeling! I also have rheumatoid arthritis and I truly believe Ultra 90 has helped me feel better and I definitely do have more energy. So my excersise consisted on walking 4 miles, 5 days a week. So now as summer approaches, I am feeling the best I have in the last six months. 

Thank you. 

Dear Marilyn: 

Just a note to let you know I have just re-ordered the ultra90, the ninety day special. I was first introduced to it this time last year. I took it for two rounds of 90days. I want to tell you, within the first wk. my degenerative joint disease started to decrease in symptoms. The pain in my joints was lessening as every day went by. I have had surgery on both my knees, twice(osteoarthritis), have bursitis in my hips, and I'm here to tell, this product has helped my pain level immensely. I was able to go up and down stairs without hesitating. I used to have to literally crawl up the steps. But thanks to Ultra90, my health and arthritis has greatly improved. Not to mention, I lost weight, and dropped two sizes. I have recommended it to a lot of people I know. The ones that have tried it, have had similar results.Unfortunately, there was a period I wasn't able to purchase Ultra90, and my pain, and some of the weight came back. So, today, I purchased myself a Christmas gift. A road to better health by ordering three bottles of the Ultra90. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful product. 

Cheryl Wilson, 

Dear Marilyn: 

I've been taking Ultra 90 for 45 days now and the first month I lost 24 pounds. I'm now down 33 pounds. I haven't change much. I quit taking secon helpings at dinner and lunch table. Nothing after 7pm. If I do it is grapes, bananas, or strawberries. I try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. Other than that I haven't changed anything else. My goal is another 15 pounds. And at this point I can't see why I can't make it. I'm only half way through my 90 day program. It's been easy. I might just go for another 10 and that is what I weighed when I graduated High School. 

Thanks for making it so easy. 
Brian Chilson 
Rapid City, Michigan

Dear Marilyn: 

I am 47 years old. I started taking Ultra 90 2 1/2 months ago. My weight has stayed pretty much the same. I have dropped 1inch from my waist and 1/2 inch from around my stomach. I lift weights 3 days a week and I have noticed tremendous muscle gains. Other people are noticing the change. I have always been muscular but over the last 5 years or so I have not been able to build any muscle. I am also an insulin-dependant diabetic of 25 years. I have had bad years. In the last couple of months I have found it much easier to control my blood sugars. I test at least 4 times a day so I know when something has really changed. Since starting on your product I find my blood sugar within in the correct range 75% of the time. I was happy before to be in range at least one reading per day. I highly recommend your product to all diabetics as well as people near my age who have lost their metabolism. You will notice a difference almost immediately. I just saw my doctor who was impressed with my blood sugar reading. My AIC (average blood sugar) dropped from 8.8 to 7.7 over the last 3 month period. I wanted to lose 10-15 pounds but I gained so much muscle and metabolism I don't really care about the weight, neither did my doctor. 

Ken Jackson 
Mishawaka, Indiana

Dear Marilyn: 

I first heard about Ultra 90 on my radio station, WFMK 99.1 in Lansing Michigan in June 2007. Monica Harris was telling all about it. I thought whats one more, so I sent for it. I am 63 years old and have C.O.P.D plus physical limitations because of my weight. I got my first supply on June 20th and started taking it the next day. On my Birthday. As of December 17th I have lost 66 pounds! Yes!!!! I am able to get around easier and my doctor checked it out and is very happy with me (us). I started out almost 400 pounds and now I am under 300 pounds. I am forever grateful for the new lease on life your product has given me. 

Thank you again for "Ultra 90" 
Mary Hotelling 
Fowlerville, Michigan

Dear Marilyn: 

I have been taking Ultra 90 for approximately 65 days now. And just finished ordering my 2nd 3 bottle supply on line. 

So far I am not seeing any weight loss, however the change in my skin is awesome. 

I am diabetic and over the last 2 weeks I have notice a marked change in my feet. They are almost like new. The cracking in my heels has almost disappeared. The calluses are peeling off and in general the appearance is greatly changed for the better. So much better in fact that I am starting my father on this for his skin issues. If he looses weight it is a bonus. He also is diabetic, and 84 year old. I am anxious to see how it makes changes for him over time. 

The balance of my body the skin is like silk. I have shown others the change and they remark your skin is like a baby’s skin. I did try the 90 2x a day however it was too much and I did have break out on my chest of bumps, and the skin on the tops of my feet got thin and my shoes started to wear broken skin on my feet. However 1X a day seems to be the ticket. I am anxious to see how my hair is in another 60 days. I also always had nail issues, splitting and peeling. I have worn artificial nails for over 10 years. On my last nail change you could see in the nail bed the difference in nail color from when I started Ultra 90, it was denser and thicker. Over all I am so pleased with the Ultra 90. 

Nancy H. Bergeron

Dear Ultra 90; 

Just a short note to day thanks! I am a physician in Chicago, IL. And have recently taken Ultra 90. Ultra 90 worked really well for me. Within my 90 day program, I lost ALL the weight I wanted to lose, felt great, and had an increase in my energy level! I was very happy with Ultra 90 and wish you continued success! 

Dr. L.W.

Dear Ultra 90; 

I would like to thank you for this product! I started Ultra 90 on 7/25/5, and as of today 11/11/5, I have lost 17 lbs. and 24.75 inches!! When I started the program I weighed 166 lbs. and now my weight is at 149 lbs. I am looking to lose about 4 more pounds, but I am planning to keep using Ultra 90 to maintain my weight. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 misses!!!! I feel and look great!!! Many of my friends are now trying Ultra 90 also! 
Thanks so much for a product that really works!! 

Karen Willis 
Frederick, MD

Hello Marilyn, 

First off I would like to say I love your show and I am so glad that I have found you again. I really enjoy the Soapbox every morning and I have heard so many things that have touched my heart. Also I wanted to thank you for talking so much about Ultra 90, I kept hearing you say that your wife had lost so much weight by this product that I had to do my own research about it so I went to the website for quiet a few days just reading about it over and over again. You see I have Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia of which I take medicine for this daily, I was skeptical because I did not know how it would do with my meds, but the more I read about it I decided to go ahead and order it anyway. Well I have been taking it for 2 weeks now, and I have lost over 20 lbs and not sure how many inches but I can definitely tell the difference in my clothes the way they fit. I can really tell that my metabolism is greater, I have more energy and that my muscles and tissues are starting to firm up. Even my family can tell the difference. So Thank you Moby for introducing me to the greatest product in the world Ultra 90, I will definitely keep in touch with you and let you know the end results, I am trying to loose 100 lbs or more. I really want to get back to my high school girlie figure.. (giggles) I am a 46 yr old grandmother of 2 and I really want my health back more than anything because I sure do want to see my grandchildren grow up. Well God Bless you Moby and your family and Thanks again." 

Kim Clupper, 

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