Troubleshooting for Weightloss

Q – How much water are you drinking daily? 
A – You should be drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water each day. Water is extremely important in your weight loss, because it’s flushing out your toxins. 

Q - Are you consuming artificial sweeteners – especially Aspartame? 

A – Artificial sweeteners are not what you think, but that is because of how they are marketed. They could slow down your metabolism, which in turn, slows down your weight loss. Go back to our home page and click on Aspartame, under our Information Section. You may be very surprised in what you are reading! 

Q – Are you on medications that will slow down weight loss or on steroids? 

A – Ultra 90 is not known to interfere with any medications, however we do suggest taking them at different times and consulting your doctor before taking any dietary supplements. Some types of medications can actually slow down the fat burning process. 

Q – Did you finish your first month of Ultra 90 with no weight loss? 

A – Don’t get discouraged. Not everyone will see results their first month. Give your body time to adjust it self. You didn’t put your weight on overnight; you’re not going to take it off overnight. We’ve seen some people lose weight right away, but the majority will start to lose weight in their 2nd to 3rd month. 

Q – I used Ultra 90 and gained weight. 

A – It’s not uncommon to gain weight in the beginning stages of Ultra 90. Remember, muscle weighs two times more than fat. Protein helps repair muscle tissue and muscle is more dense than fat. You will probably be a person who could notice an inch lose before a weight loss. Usually into the next month the scale will start to come down as well. 

Q – We realize that you need an empty stomach when taking Ultra 90, but what about medications or other liquids? 

A – Even though medication isn’t a food, your body still has to digest that, same as all liquids other than water. Water is the only thing that your body doesn’t have to digest. If you are using Ultra 90PM, and you need to take medication at night, please take it at least one hr. prior bedtime, that way it would be digested (foods & other liquids need to be 3 hrs. prior). If you are using the Ultra 90AM, take the Ultra 90 first upon waking, then wait your hour before you eat or drink anything else, this includes all medications, vitamins, coffee and other liquids, except for water. 

Q – I have a thyroid problem – will I still see results with Ultra 90? 

A – What we have seen from our customers is: if you are on medication to where your thyroid is controlled, you may see results with Ultra 90, probably at a little bit slower of a rate than a person without a thyroid problem, but if you are not on any medication to help control your thyroid at all, you will see very little change in your weight loss. 

Q – I work swing shift – which one do I want to use – the PM or the AM? 

A – If you are working the night shift and want to take it in the morning before falling asleep, that would be the PM formula, because that is when you are going to go to sleep. If you want to take it when you get up during the day, that would be the AM formula, because that is when you wake up. 

Q – Should I use any anti-oxidants? 

A – Yes! Anti-oxidants are always good and healthy for you. Broccoli, blueberries, green tea, etc. you can even get green tea in a capsule form if you don’t like to drink it! If you’ve been an avid user of artificial sweeteners, anti-oxidants can help push those toxins out of your body.